Monday, February 11, 2008

Passion Loves Company

Considering the value of networking groups like the Young President's organization for presidents of companies and Ladies Who Launch for women
entrepreneurs, Barbara Streisand hit the nail on the nail with the lines "people who need people are the luckiest people...".

We do need each other, and we need each other profoundly. Beyond collegial note-comparing, finding the best website provider or hottest sushi place, these organizations are powerful go-to's for finding people of passion who welcome hopes and dreams. Prioritizing that is making a conscious choice about how to move through the world and determining actively what world you really want to move through.

The passion we experience in each other is our greatest gift - it's the fix we can't resist. From the goose-bump/tear inspiring video produced by celebrities in support of Obama to Hillary's own hottly debated tears, McCain's unyielding-qualities and Huckabees resolute, pollster-free "simple man" approach - when you consider the magnetic power of any of the candidates' most human passion - this is what we most need from each other. It is to this passion that we most profoundly respond.

This month's balancebreak is about passion. Yes, in honor of Valentine's Day. Yes, in honor of the passion of the candidates and the all-encompassing job they aspire to. But mostly we are honoring those things as a reminder to you of whatever gets you out of bed with more than just a pulse. It is a reminder of your heart and its power to quicken with excitement in recognition of your own truth. It is a reminder passion's ubiquity and the anytime invitation to return to your own - available anytime you pause for a moment's visit with it.

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