Thursday, January 31, 2008

worklife YOU!

We launched a little worklife survey earlier this month. Having long wanted a sense of just exactly what IS going on with folks in regard to managing work and life, we looked for answers from other organizations. Finding very little that asked the questions we wanted answers to, we decided if it was to be done, it was ours to do.

Knowing most folks hate anything that takes longer than the blink of an eye, we aggregated demographic information to keep it SUPER SHORT - only 10 questions total for a really solid set of information about what we're experiencing, what we want, and what gets in the way. We tapped Balance Integration Advisory Board member and psychotherapist Claudia Marchetti, director of sales training for Chanel for her stamp of approval - and let it rip.

With a single send to a small group of subscribers (around 1500), a week later we already have some AHA'S.

1. 26% of respondents report spending 40% of their time working - that's 9.6 hours - more than half your waking moments! Another 22% put the number at 50% of their time!

2. 46% self-report they get 8 hours of sleep - interesting given the abundance of research attesting to our widespread sleep deprivation - is it wishful thinking?

3. The biggest contrast in how we spend time and how we WISH we could spend time isn't a shift towards more time with family. Overwhelmingly, respondents expressed a desire for more time EXERCISING and PURSUING HOBBIES/ACTIVITIES FOR PERSONAL ENJOYMENT. Sounds like we're finally getting the message that to be available to others we've got to take care of ourselves as well!

The survey is still in it's infancy - we're going to keep harvesting and reporting this information from time to time and watch trends and changes. The more data we have, the more we'll have to share so pop in, check some boxes...we'll get back to you with how it looks both now and in the future.

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