Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Passion put simply...

For all the tips and ideas and ways to get around your own blocks in experiencing passion and pursuing it, I can't express it any better than Emerson did when he said this:

“We want the Exact and the Vast; we want our Dreams, and our Mathematics.”

The sculptor and artist Roxy Paine gave expression to exactly this sentiment in his current installation in Madison Square Park. Visit his work in person or virtually by clicking here...What's even cooler is that my dear teacher Dana Flynn turned me on to all of this...the Roxy Paine, the Emerson quote, the whole shebang. Now, I've shared it with you. Whether you end up visiting Madison Square Park or just enjoy the quote, these ideas are now in your consciousness, just as much as they are in mine or hers. So go ahead - shift consciousness around you. Look for inspiration and brilliance in the folks around you - then share it with everyone you know.

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