Friday, January 18, 2008

Think Better - Go-To Good

If all this talk about GOOD and FUN is putting you in a bad mood, GREAT!

You see, just like the media adage "if it bleeds, it leads", as a culture we're pretty fixated on the negative. This is why it's important for us to become absolutely aware of what DOES put a good feeling in motion inside of us.

In workshops on creativity and inspiration, we often ask folks "what makes you feel good?". Not a complex question, but for the most part it takes lots of ums, looks of frustrated concentration, and often disclaimers and even requests for clarification before we can get a single response.

So what DOES put you in a good frame of mind? Whether you are one of the lucky ones who has off-the-cuff awareness of what elevates your mood , or already feel a bit stumped, take a look at these aspects of GOOD and add to your arsenal of helping yourself think and feel GOOD in 2008.

  • Physical Activity - I had lunch with an executive the other day that reminded me of the obvious - no one ever feels worse for eating right and moving their body a bit - what makes your body feel better?

  • Music - what sounds put you in a good mood? Do you have them on the ready when you need them?

  • Foods - what foods give you energy and stimulate your sense of fulfillment when you eat?
    Connection with Others - What forms of interpersonal interaction put you in a GOOD state of mind? Whether it is a walk with a friend or arguing the merits of a book or movie, what makes you feel good with respect to connecting with others?

  • Time alone - What is your favorite way to spend time alone? Cruising Ebay for the next windorphin fix? Looking at travel mags for your next cold weather escape? One friend loves the weather channel for making her feel connected to the entire world.

  • Guilty pleasures - One thing that makes me feel great is ditching work for 20 minutes to go sit and have a coffee in public. The sense of solitude in the midst of nameless masses, the movement, and the break in energy revives me for whatever is waiting, and whatever is NEXT!

  • Weekends - What is your favorite way to spend a weekend? What recharges you completely and leaves you ready to go for the coming week?

  • Kindness - In what ways does being kind to others create satisfaction in you? Practicing smiling at strangers and seeing if they return the favor? Tipping extra well no matter the service? Most of us have some secret kindness that we delight in practicing.

Keep noticing good moments and what the factors are that make them happen. By identifying your own best-practices, you'll be able to more authentically say it's all good.

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